We’re Different Because We Have a Lunar View

NFTs are a vehicle, not the destination

NFTs and Blockchain technology are a breakthrough that WILL change how we do everything.

They give us the ability to build and fund our wildest dreams first in cyberspace, then in physical space, and ultimately in outer space.

The true promise of NFTs lies in the utilities they can carry.

We’re using NFTs to send real people like you to space.

...and in a very real sense, we’re on the moon already.

We aren’t just looking to create short-term hype.

Instead, we’re mentally looking back from our space visit in 2024 and asking ourselves “How do we get here?”

The space is our guiding light. EVERYTHING we have planned -- the art expos, the Figurines, the Moon Shop, the  Business Club -- all of it supports our mission of reaching the moon.

Because we know that nobody has ever gotten to the space alone.

The way to reach space is with a thriving, active, forward-looking community

So that’s exactly what we’re building with Moon Boyz.

We’re building a transformational movement that bridges physical space, metaverse, and outer space.

NFTs are only the vehicle -- our true destination lies with YOU.

Your dreams.

Your childhood fantasies.

That sense of wonder you still get when you look up at the moon on a clear night.

THAT is our destination -- and we can’t wait to have you join us on the journey.