Introducing the Moon Shop


All Moon Boyz are minted unique...but why stop there?

With the power of the Moon Shop, you can make each Moon Boy uniquely yours. You get to choose his face, colors, background, and even accessories.

This is the first ever NFT customization platform...and this is just the beginning. We’re planning an all-star lineup of NFT artists to provide unique items not found in the original Moon Boyz minting.

That means every customization makes your Moon Boy more unique, more exclusive, and ultimately more valuable.

How it works

To order items from the Moon Shop, you’ll need $DARK. You can generate $DARK either by stacking or burning your existing Moon Boyz.

Step 1: Stake Your Moon Boyz.

Step 2: Get $DARK. Stacked Moon Boyz will generate $DARK once per day. Burned Moon Boyz will pay out a lump sum instantly.

Step 3: Browse the Moon Shop for unique faces, colors, backgrounds, and accessories.

Step 4: Customize your Moon Boy to stand out among the stars.

Step 5: Check back often for new collaborations with trending NFT artists.

Why it’s even cooler than you think

At its core, the value of any given NFT comes to down to a simple equation:

NFT Value = Utility + Ownership History + Future Value + Liquidity Premium

With the introduction of the Moon Shop, we’re making the first three of those four even more powerful.

Utility -- Now, your Moon Boyz aren’t “just jpegs” but customizable art pieces you can use to express your unique style. Have you ever messed around for hours in the Character Creation screen of your favorite game? Then you already know that customization is a game unto itself.

Ownership History -- Finally, ownership history goes beyond mere metadata. Now, other people can see the unique thumbprint of every previous owner. Or not. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want to completely remake your Moon Boy...or give a nod to previous owners by keeping their unique additions. Either way, ownership history is now more dynamic and meaningful than ever.

Future Value -- The Moon Shop will update regularly with new collaborations. That means the scope of customization increases all the time. The future value of a Moon Boy goes beyond mere speculation. It also includes the compounding value of new customizations. Not to mention the added hype of collaborations with future artists! Plus, each stacked Moon Boy decreases the supply and therefore increases the value of each Moon Boy.

Ultimately, the Moon Shop represents the next evolution in NFTs. From static images to living, breathing art pieces that become deflationary assets over time.